A bargaining unit member has a contractual right to file a grievance on any violation by Management of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

While all grievances are complaints not all complaints are grievances. Regardless of whether your complaint is or is not a contractual grievance, most issues can be resolved informally by addressing the issue directly with supervision. In most grievance procedures discussing the issue with management , prior to reducing the grievance to writing, is the first step of the grievance procedure. Those issues which cannot be resolved informally may be pursued by formally filing a written grievance.

Grievance forms can be obtained through the Local Union and/or your Union Steward. It is strongly recommended that you seek the assistance of your Union Steward or Local Union Business Agent when completing the grievance form.

Your CBA defines the different steps of your grievance procedure which include specific time limitations which must be strictly adhered to in order to guarantee the timely processing of your grievance.

When filing a grievance, the grievant grants to the Union complete authority to present, negotiate and bargain regarding the grievance and agrees to be bound by such disposition of the grievance as may be made or agreed to by the Union or its delegated representatives.

When filling out a grievance be sure to include:

    1. dates (we need to know when the violation occurred in order to assure timeliness.
    2. contact numbers (if we don't know how to contact you, it makes it difficult to investigate your grievance when we are unable to speak with you).
    3. the Article/Section of your contract that was violated. Include the following phrase after citing the Article "and any other provisions that may apply."
    4. the basic facts of your grievance. Since you have already spoken with management regarding the issue, they already know the details. So keep it brief (i.e. "I am protesting the reprimand I received on January 23rd. Additional facts to be presented."; "My seniority was violated when a junior employee was granted overtime work that I should have been offered. Additional facts to be presented."; etc.)
    5. what you desire to resolve the grievance. Again, keep it brief. Since you have spoken with management, they know what you want. Use phrases like "to be made whole for all loses."
    6. your signature


Once completed, submit your grievance to your steward or directly to management (depending on your contractual procedure) in a timely manner and immediately forward a copy to your Local Union Business Agent. If we don't know you have filed a grievance, it makes it difficult to process.

Below you will find a sample grievance form. Be prepared to fill out all applicable areas when contacting your Steward or Business Agent regarding the filing of a grievance. (A grievance fact sheet is included within the document below, complete and submit to the Local Union only).

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